Meie lugu | Our Story

In late 80’s I started with dogs – my first breed was German shepherd dog, who took all my time and love. I even have had lakeland terrier, but novadays my heart is sold to welsh corgies. In early 90’s I was working in Finland and saw something small and red and quick – a r/w welsh corgi pembroke it was. And there it started…

“Gigi” aka Svarzekoks It’s Up To You was the first welsh corgi pembroke imported to Estonia. She was a red & white bitch with docked tail (yes then docking was allowed) from Finland. Gigi was my foundation bitch from who it all started. She hated dog shows and that is why most of her show titles are from veteran classes. She left us in 2010 at the age of 17 years and 2 days. We miss her dearly 🙂

Year 1996 we got our most famous corgi in our kennel and most known pembroke in Estonian shows – “Reiska” aka Trafox Royal Enfield. Reiska came to live with us being 9 months old from Finland, kennel Trafox. He was the star at shows, who loved and had the showman attitude for it. He was BIS, Multi Group Winner (has alltogether 24 different Winner/Champion titles), but I think his most important victory was World Veteran Winner in 2008 and 2009.

In year 2000 Gigi had one litter in Finland – kennel Trafox, from where one natural bobtail male came to Estonia. “Butte” aka Trafox Sosnovy Bor (he lived with Heljo Miir until he passed away in 2014). Truly looking like a workman, he was still more like his mother – not that into shows, but loved anything else.

Enough of history. The most important change at our home was probably new breed in year 2010. Please welcome our clown Triinu from Finland – welsh corgi cardigan with a official name Trafox Rebel Queen. She came to us at same year when my oldest and last german shepherd left us.

After that we have at home only corgies – cardigans and some pembrokes. Today I am a FCI all breeds judge and judge quite often in weekends, but in everyday life I work as a bookkeeper in my own company.

So dogs are in my everyday life everywhere 🙂


Astrid Lundava
kennel Astersland